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The bloody and fierce Toolbars war
While human rights are meant to eradicate discrimination between men and women, unfortunately there isn't
any toolbar rights convention to impose equal respect and opportunity to all toolbars !
Yes, it is a colossal business with huge amount of bucks, extremely appealing to all Internet actors pushing
very hard to be part of it.
Google, MSN(Bing), Yahoo, Babylon, ASK, AOL, AVG, IncrediBar.. to name a few..

They all want to be installed on your PC and drive you advertisements and cookies to study your market behavior,
Some top rank toolbars "pretend" to be the neat clean good guys, the "LEGITIMATE". They accuse the rest of being bad,
very bad adware, malware, spyware, crapware.. you name it.
These toolbars backed by the strongest lobbying (the Good Guys, the so called Legitimate) may or may not apply
pressure on some Anti-Vir editors to flag all other less known (very naughty toolbars) as Malware !

They may or may not promote rumors about the "bad guys toolbars" for hijacking your browser and taking the
control over your surfing mode !
Finding some scary wordings like "hijacking", "taking over the control" and so on, is becoming the most efficient marketing
approach to disqualify and destroy the "bad guys toolbar" while glorifying the "nice and cool guys" with their "Legitimate toolbars".

No one would ever dare to accuse Yahoo toolbar of browser hijacking, no one would dare to think that Bing or
Google toolbars are driving your surfing into their system.
Why are they considered as nice and cool, do they have a different behavior from IncrediBar toolbar or Babylon toolbar ?
Answers may largely differ based on who's answering !
Who decided that Babylon toolbar has to be flagged as malware, while AOL toolbar is very cool and nice and
strongly recommended ? Based on which fact, which rules ?

When you open your Internet Explorer browser and you see a Yahoo or Google or MSN(Bing) toolbar installed over
there, do you recall when and how did you install it ? or at least recall if you deliberately installed it by yourself ?
Most probably your PC manufacturer negociated the best deal to commercialise with every supplied PC a certain toolbar
and that's finally what you've got without asking for it! or else, it was installed on your PC during some ADOBE Flash or Java updates.

Have you tried to un-install a MSN(Bing) toolbar ? How easy is to eliminate the ASK toolbar from your system ?

All toolbars with NO EXCEPTION, even those pretending being cool, nice, safe and "legitimate", change your browser
default homepage, change your browser default search engine and drive your surfing into their system. yes sir, by all means.
So why some toolbars are flagged as malware by Anti-Vir while the others are very safe and recommended as essential surfing tools !?
There isn't any technical reason. It is only because the big shark eats the small one, this is lobbying !
Billions of dollars are involved, no mercy in this toolbar war.

Software developer's involvement in this matter
How the toolbars landed on your PC ?
If they simply use some nice marketing arguments to propose to some 100 users: do you want to install this useful
toolbar on your PC ? It will optimise your surfing experience and modify your browser default homepage, your browser
default search engine, 90% would answer by: no thank you.

They (the toolbar sharks) perfectly understood that it won't work by a direct approach, so they play it the tricky way..
They rely on various software developers to bundle it within their software installation package and in counterpart
they throw them some crumbs, after all, they are making billions, so for the sake of the promotion of their toolbar they
wouldn't mind throwing some very small 0.00001% crumbs to those developers.

You would be surprised to know how ADOBE has bundled the Google toolbar within their Reader installation package !
and the Google toolbar also in their ADOBE Flash Player...
The famous and reputable ADOBE would also make some bundled offers to install McAFEE on your system, no problem whatsoever.

Would you ever imagine that SUN / ORACLE during their JAVA installation would offer third party ads like Google, Yahoo or MSN toolbars ?
Sure they do!

Officially, all the above are good nice guys, they won't in any ways affect your PC, they are only here to optimise your surfing experience
and bring you fast and clean search results.

The truth is Every single install of the toolbar is beneficial for the toolbar maker and the software vehicle. The user surfing experience is irrelevant.

But here again, a serious lobbying is behind a ferocious sneaky war between those pretending being the good software developers
"who really cares a lot for your PC" against the bad software developers trying to inject malware in your PC.
If ADOBE or SUN offer Google toolbar, ADOBE and SUN are very cool and nice fellows wanting peace on earth.
But when IrfanView offers Google toolbar, that's a big deal, this IrfanView is a PC killer trying to infect your PC with all type of crapware !!

Even if CNET, the famous and reputable download site, offers Babylon toolbar systematically inside all its software downloaders, CNET remains great and honest.

but if ever the Unlocker software, the KC software or the Zune SkinPack make the same move, they must die.
With them, the Babylon toolbar is a deadly malware while with CNET the Babylon toolbar is rainbows, puppies and butterflies.

Not only the toolbar makers are in war between themselves, but consequently, they indirectly forced the software developers to fight against each other.
Each developer wants to make the highest profit by offering the highest number of toolbars, therefore accusing the other developer of providing bad filthy
and malware toolbars. In other words, my toolbar is much better that yours !

Download sites are also part of this game
Download sites like SoftPedia, CNET, BrotherSoft, Majorgeeks, Afterdawn, Videohelp.. are not serving you to the glory of the fatherland !
They are making real big bucks from the loaded Ads on their forums and download pages.
Their (unique) interest is to bring the highest number of daily visitors on pages that are getting a high rank.
The more visitors clicking on Ads, the more big bucks on the bank account.
For this, they wouldn't mind promoting one high ranked software on behalf of another one, here's a simple example.

3 Video encoders are listed on a download site. The 3 of them offer bundled toolbars during their installation process.

All 3 freewares are identified equally as Freeware/Adware, fair enough, but why only SUPER got the advantage of this red bold warning ??
The 2 others are still very nice fellows that wouldn't harm a fly !
SUPER is the oldest since 2006, SUPER is installed about 10,000.00 per day, but seems to be 1 or 2 guys here complaining about malware and toolbars,
these guys wouldn't complain if ADOBE or SUN or CNET would dump crap on their PC, not even FormatFactory or Freemake, but SUPER is the black sheep.

Paying attention and reading what is shown in the offer window before blindly pressing next and eventually un-select the extra toolbar and stuff before
installing, is an easy way to safely install all the above mentioned softwares like thousands of users are doing every day.
If ADOBE, SUN/ORACLE or CNET make bundling offers with their installation package, I wouldn't blame SUPER for proposing third party offers as well.

As for this download site flashing a big warning bold red flag, if he was't making enough dollars from those visitors cliking on all kind of Adsense Ads
found on the SUPER reviews page "flashed as the dangerous freeware to avoid by all means", he would have deleted this page long time ago.
Unless, he isn't really convinced about the dangerousness of SUPER or he wouldn't bite the hand that feeds him and bring him more dollars day after day.

On a side note, SUPER is by far more elaborated and better than the other 2 and is 100% clean.

Note that "some" software developers would make a deal with "some" download sites to share with them the benefit of their bundles, provided the
download site would offer them some kind of help by screwing their competitors (like screwing SUPER) and pushing up their software rank by hook or by crook.
Money, more money, always money..